Monday, July 11, 2016

Bringing Some Justice Back Into the World- Death Marshal crew

 The first edition Lady Justice will always be the iconic version, to me.

I felt like taking a darker look to this crew than the last time I'd painted them (yep, this is another in a long line of "I used to like this but then got better at painting" projects). this was in large part because of the Death Marshals I'd painted for my Tara crew:

With them as the starting point, Justice got a pretty sombre paint job, I'd considered doing her with more blue, but felt it would push her too much towards the undead side, so emphasized a kind of stylized light.
...And in opposition to what I just mentioned, her Scales got a dark treatment. This was in part so he'd fit in with the darker Death Marshals above, and in part to make him look more unhealthy. He got a mask, since I didn't like his face and thought the one on the 2nd edition sculpt was fairly nice.

The Judge is based on the Dead Justice version, patched up to look living again. He's a little too dark and high contrast, so there's a decent chance I'll revise him down the line, but I still think he fits in nicely enough with the crew.

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