Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A Rosy Disposition - Kingdom Death Flower Knight

The Flower Knight's one of my favorites of the Kingdom Death set, being one of the more elegant models, with a much more subtle horror sensibility than most of the setting (plus I think it makes for a neat, different style of fight).

I wanted to emphasize the greenery, linking the very heavily oxidized green of the armor to the plant material to the point where it often blended together ambiguously.

Once this was together, I felt like the base would be best in the warm brown mirroring the model's terrain elements over the more common stone effect, with the other obvious option being more greenery, which I thought would have gotten a bit too same-y.

A big fan of complimentary colors, I went with magenta as a strong offset for the green, which also referenced the flower/nature theme.

My final choice was the blue- I thought it had a richness to it that would allow some nicer cold highlights (being the area where the magenta light would hit the least).

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