Friday, May 20, 2016

The Family that Slays Together Stays Together - The Sisters / Viktorias crew

In 2nd edition, the Viktorias got a lot more of a punk vibe, and so I tried to turn that up to 11 with color choices, while sticking to a stock scheme.

I was originally going with a greenish yellow for the lamp, but pushed it towards a more toxic green because I thought it went nicely with the purple hair's more saturated look. Moving a touch towards the steampunk(ish) version of the 80's-90's postapocalyptic punk thing like Tank girl.*

I tried a bit of a different variant of the OSL, getting the midtones a lot higher and more natural than my higher-contrast work, and instead pushed a green highlight.

*...Well, I think I just convinced myself this crew would do well to have a mutant kangaroo... or whatever the steampunk equivalent would be. I guess Johan would be the best fodder, being a mechanic.

The minion set didn't get OSL, and went with a slightly gloomy look so it wouldn't look out of place with the sourcelit pieces.

Taelor was a fun action piece, I think I've gotten pretty good with flying stones.

As a change of pace, Vanessa with her staff got a colder, harsher light, with a fair bit of reflection.

Along with Taelor's fancy base as a continued tuning of my techniques with flying rubble, the Viktorias' interlocking bases are a newer experiment I've been playing with, where I originally sculpted some bases to fit in displays, but displays are unwieldy and not very modular if what you're looking to do is display a set, but that set gets expansions. So, something I've started doing is mini-displays, where a couple models' bases are sculpted together to achieve that continuity without the structure around it.

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