Friday, May 13, 2016

Cold Climate Gear - A few Warmachine solos

So, a less-unified set than I typically shoot, these guys are just linked by their environment.

Gorman's just got a fun weird look. Frankly, I wish more guys looked like him. With a winter environment, I thought a stealthier dirty white worked better for him.

The War Dog matches the rest of Khador's more modern paint job. I appreciate the rarer pose of landing a jump rather than starting one.

Last, and least stature, Reinholdt had a charming little story in the very first Prime rulebook. In fact, that little pulpy story was, along with robots, what got me in to the game in the first place. I feel like the first two books of Warmachine really had just the right feel, and I miss that scale and focus, rather than the stuff after that with bigger and bigger wars, vs. skirmishes and more covert stuff. I also liked Apotheosis, but I think that was more for aesthetic and ambition than story.

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