Monday, May 2, 2016

Black Operations - Goreshade & other stealthy cryx (continuing updates)

Goreshade was one of my first PP conversions- for an elf, he felt really bulky and short.

So, I basically narrowed his stance to his full, upright height, and I thought he looked way more interesting striding forward than resting on his sword.

And Goreshade wouldn't be complete without his Banes. These are still some of my favorite first wave sculpts, despite how heavy and awkward their shoulders are.

Moving into the more technological side of things, the pistol wraith was always a fun alteration of the standard D&D tropes. If my old Witchfire campaign had ever gotten that far, I'd have definitely had the party fight one of these. I had quite some fun with the half-ghost effect on him.

This was possibly the most difficult to pin model that I've ever made- it has about 2mm of contact points for a largish and spindly model. Great idea in plastic, terrible in metal.

I loved the concept of the machine wraith, but the weird mechaturd body of the original was just soo clunky. So, I redid about 2/3 of my model. Now he bounces around slightly, like a bobble head, but looks way cooler.

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