Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Hero of Warpspace - Zelda-themed Cypher conversion

Being a big Ocarina of Time fan, when I got this commission, I knew it was going to be something fun and weird.

The sculpt, pre-servo skull.
The model itself is a hodgepodge of GW and Forgeworld bits, plus a Kingdom Death bow and a liberal helping of Greenstuff.

Pseudo-Cypher got the hero's bow w/ let's call them plasma and bolt arrows; Navi in a bit more morbid form; the master sword (or possibly the Lion's) properly stowed; and of course his signature green.

I played with giving his armor the colors of various parts (red-brown gloves and boots; white "sleeves" and "pants", etc.), but it felt like at best it would come off as a hodgepodge and at worst as kind of obscene, so that got a much darker green treatment with glossy white highlights instead of dull yellow ones to thoroughly differentiate him. I gave him MkIV to give him a littke sleeker feeling, and the shoulders got Hylian crests, or some really weird variation on the Imperial Eagle.

The backpack was probably the biggest departure, but mostly to make him more obviously Cypher. His skeleton buddy got bones in a very yellow-brown like the undead in Ocarina of Time, since, well, why not be consistent?

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