Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Reincarnation - Kingdom Death Phoenix

This is the second time I've painted the Phoenix, and it's just an epic model, regarding both scale and detail (and quantity of creepy little hands).

This time, I went with a more traditional red paint job, though still with true Kingdom Death gross fleshy bits.
I paid close attention to blending the phoenix's natural skin (not the weird little hands) with his feathers around where they met, as I've seen a few where those bits aren't blended, and they look way more like a weird thing wearing a poorly made bird suit than they do a creepy bird.

The base is a new piece I cast, that I'm planning on reusing for my Retinues down the line, to have a little scene of a few Survivors working together or w/e.

It took a little kneadatite to get it to meet more closely, since the surface isn't intended to be flat, but the log fits in there nice and snugly.

Below, a closeup of the feathers- while the larger picture looks fairly homogenous, there's a lot of orange and yellow mixed into the feathers, based on the resource illustrations, with an uneven swirl reminiscent of the model's namesake.

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