Monday, September 14, 2015

Ye Olde Burninator - Salamanders Heavy Flamer test

A continuation of the previous Horus Heresy Salamanders--

I got back into this with a test sergeant, repeating the black veteran helmet of the Firedrake Squad. Also, it's awesome that sergeants aren't stuck with combi weapons or nothing in weapon specialist squads in the past. I mean, the spotter approach GW eventually made is okay, but I still prefer the HH iteration.

While I'm at it, this was the first time I painted a Marine on the new 32mm bases, and, while I was pretty skeptical, I've gotta say, they look way more impressive. Don't think I'll switch everyone, but the bulky base was a good idea, and I'm expecting all my independent characters (and maybe sergeants) will be getting them.

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