Monday, June 22, 2015

Can Opener. - Night Lords terminator lord

Tried to go subtle with this guy.
I think Lords are just too gaudy most of the time, so, other than the big ol' Chaos Star on his cape, There's nothing all that flashy here. Not really sure what role he'll ultimately take, or it might be flexible or w/e.

His chain glaive can count as just that (we've been house-ruling the signature Horus Heresy weapon as legal for 40k Night Lords), which I consider one of the nicer power weapon options for a terminator, since they're already not getting the extra attack most of the time, or a Chainfist for the same reason. Or, really kitting him out, it could be a Chain Fist/Lightning Claw specialist combo, which is expensive and looks ugly as hell, but I think it's a pretty nasty option what with the extra attack and flexible speed, and can pretty easily be made in a "heavy chain glaive" option like I put together above, or Tyberos-style combo weapons where the idea in either case is they have fast and slow strike variants.

So far he's made a name for himself in our small games as the resident can opener, equipped with a chainfist and hatred of tanks.

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