Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Ripperology - Seamus and other Ressurectionists

With the pre-release Malifaux's second edition and no game I was particularly passionate about at the moment, it was a good opportunity to practice more source lighting.

Seamus of course is the star of the show. He got a teal hat band, connecting him with his original color scheme, while I tried to keep the rest of the look pretty muted.

Being so narcissistic, I thought it would be a lot of fun for him to be posing in front of a poster of him, which was a fun little design to paint.

Having actually had some people accuse me of being a fraud because my sourcelighting was too subtle on my previous efforts, and because I felt like doing something more for tabletop play, I did a bit more over the top sourcelighting on his crew.

Due to my overzealous and generally uncontrollable cat, Seamus took a spill midway through the process, so this time I have proof about the OSL work. Take that, nay-sayers :P

I'd never been a fan of the original copycat killer, so this guy did just fine. The Puppet Wars bases fit nearly perfectly in a regular 30mm base, so this guy made a fine proxy.

I painted him some time ago, for my Puppet Wars collection, some time ago, but don't intend to do OSL on all my puppet wars models, so left him unmodified.

Sybelle is, well, a weird model. She was pretty well made, early in Wyrd's life, and had more dimension than most of their original sculpts, but she's a pretty incredibly ugly model. She's got a bit more zombie to her than the newer sculpt, and I think she's basically just what she's supposed to be, but, blech, not a pleasant look.

The center Belle is probably my favorite sculpt from the set, having that sort of mournful zombie look, without being so over the top. My appreciation for the other two of the Rotten Belles was dramatically increased when I painted them, and I'm happy with the job, but it did take a bit of filing to get the left one's jaw a bit less masculine.

Last but- oh, well, I guess they are pretty small and cheap... The Canine Remains have a ton of character. I like them a ton, and, while they have nothing to do with Seamus other than a couple lightly overlapping rules interactions, I decided to include them, since they're the last of the Resser pieces I've painted up for M2E. Also, I really like the pug.

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