Thursday, September 19, 2013

Swords 'n' Steam: Protectorate of Menoth commission

A continuing expansion of an army I've been working on, off and on, for years.

I've always liked how the Exemplar line looks. Though I wish the Protectorate had had a little more industrial/early modern stuff like their first couple books did, if they're going to have a bunch of knights, I'm glad it's the Knights Exemplar. The Errant Officer is a great model, just very well sculpted and with a bit more nuance of pose than I expect from PP.

Amon is an odd one in the Protectorate line. I tried to keep his look warmer than most of the army, and gave him a distinctly different skin tone than usual, since he's from a different ethnic group than most of the army. I like his concept, but still am not sure quite what I think about his pose... I think I'd prefer him a little less bulky and with a little more movement, though I think they were going for showing his thresher ability.

I really liked the Protectorate's Escalation era of 'jacks. The Prime ones felt a bit too much like everyone else's (which is thematically appropriate), while these had a slight sleekness to them and recollecting of knight visors that I liked a lot.

In the theoretical universe where I had any say in the aesthetic development of the Protectorate, I'd have pushed the infantry in the industrial/irregular/steampunk direction, while keeping the warcasters/priests/warjacks as the elite and formal look.

Instead, I'll keep myself satisfied by painting more pretty gold warjacks :P

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