Wednesday, May 15, 2013

All is Dust... - Thousand Sons Army, part 10: Ahriman and group shots

If you didn't know Ahriman was coming, you don't know Thousand Sons.

Along with the Dreadnought, Ahirman was my favorite model to paint in the army.

I tried to stick with the same palate as the rest of the army and make him stand out, and I almost succeeded-- I ended up using just a tiny bit of red, but otherwise limited myself to the army's palate, and I think that he really does stand out. I'm quite happy with him, and like him even more than my old Ahriman from my wee little Thousand Sons army years ago.

Hmm, actually, I dug him up from my archives.

The old man had a nearly inverted scheme with what I did for this project, and a little more pop, but way less finesse.

I've re-collected some thousand sons, and may eventually paint a third Ahriman some day. Without a doubt, he was one of the best models GW models ever made in the '90's.

And, now that it's done, what you've all (or at least I've) been waiting for, the group shots.

And some details:

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