Monday, May 13, 2013

All is Dust... - Thousand Sons Army, part 9: The Big Guns

Nothing says ancient spooky magic quite like an ark.

I was really happy with how the Land Raider turned out, and felt that the blue I had airbrushed on the smaller tanks had really pushed me in the right direction to nail it on this one.

It was also the drybrushing on this tank that eventually was what inspired the dusty look on the Warmachine Mercenaries I've been fixing up and blogging about over the past few weeks.

With the exception of some sticky joints, I'm really happy with how this tank turned out.

Also, with things wrapping up, I also have the Chaos Dreadnought (I don't care what you say, they're still Dreadnoughts to me, and always will be) complete and magnetized.

Given the imperial weapons, I added some trim and Tzeentch sigils to the arms, to keep it consistent with evil (but not spiky) marines.

The head and weapons reminded me enough of the sorcerers that I decided that it was an interred sorcerer, rather than Rubric marine, which influenced the colors. (Also, why would a magical dust ghost need a robot with life support?)

One more final post this week before I send the army off!

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