Monday, March 26, 2012

Death Korps Gorgon troops

Many people, myself and my client included, love Forge World's Death Korps of Krieg line, but find that around $5/model, for an army where you can potentially have over 100 models, is just not practical.

This is where my most recent commission comes in.

Forge World has conveniently made ranks of troopers, designed for either their Gorgon transport (in the style of WWII beach landing craft, with ranks of hapless troopers ready to throw themselves at the enemy) or trenches.

These models come in single molds of 2-6 troopers, shoulder-to-shoulder and at rest.

With some very careful cutting, and sculpting over where their bodies overlap, you can make Death Korps for a fraction of the cost of the multipiece miniatures. While they aren't great for representing veterans or action poses, these guardsmen at ease make great basic infantry or conscripts.

The attentive or informed of you will notice that there are only 25 of the 50 provided in a set. This is because the other 25 are going in my own special project ;).

Update: scale comparison to regular death korps:

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