Thursday, March 1, 2012

Protectorate commission

Some time ago, due to finances and time constraints, I needed to let my overly ambitious golden Protectorate army go. However, I couldn't have found a nicer buyer, and since then, we've stayed in contact, and I've been slowly expanding my old (or his new) Protectorate army for him.

This is the newest addition to his force, and I've always been happy with it, even if it's one of the most demanding paint jobs I've done en masse.

This is one of my favorite pieces. I never bought it for my own army, since I didn't like the model in pictures.

While it still has a stiff pose, the detail of the model is far better than I expected, and I had a lot of fun painting it. The illumination is very loosely based on the Sumerian & Babylonian architecture I was researching for my Astral Claws army, which I felt fit the model.

 I normally don't double up on units, but the Daughters of the Flame are surprisingly flexible, with some arm swaps. A few of these needed to get more creative, as pieces had broken in transit.
Thyra is, in my opinion, a pretty boring concept, but the model was very nice, despite a slightly small face. Some of the better cloth PP has done.

 A pair of dervishes. I never really understood how warjacks were supposed to be nimble, but they're good on the table, anyways (shrug)

Last, but not least, is High Paladin Shoulder Pads Dartan Vilmon. It's a shame his shoulder pads are so large and his arms are raised: I really like his face and lower visor bit.

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