Friday, July 5, 2019

I will wander through the pines and make my way to nature's shrines - Abyssal Woods set, Part 0

So, this was a lot of fun: with the Abyssal Woods campaign coming... uh... some time in the future, I was happy that my client went with my suggestion that all his expansions that would integrate into the campaign be a single palette.
I've done the Dung Beetle Knight's ball similarly a number of times, so that part was pretty standard, but, doing the Beetle in total monochrome was a first, so I wanted to try to figure out a way to get it a little more interesting: just having the eyes lit would have been pretty bland and dark. So, I decided that I'd go with kind of a fey/fairy look on it, and make the wings some sort of supernatural light source.
This, of course, leads me to the Flower Knight, which was the original impetus for the fey sensibility. She(?) is certainly one of my favorite early Kingdom Death models, and one of few I went out of my way to find in resin for my own collection. 

The Spidicules is, uh, kinda cool in all magenta; I think what worked best on this one was the broad transitions I was forced to make, since it isn't very detailed.

Complementing the magenta, I thought a supernaturally lime greenish color would fit the Abyssal Woods survivors nicely. I think the combo looks pretty striking together.

The sad naked Spidicules victim dude is pretty plain; while working on this, I thought of the idea of using him as a prey/straggler marker, hence the bleak and non-vibrant look. I'll be using my own that way, too.

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