Monday, February 11, 2019

Darkened Dames - Kingdom Death Flower Knight and Allison

I was very happy with another departure from my lighting-heavy Kingdom Death painting.

Similarly to some of what I really began to explore in earnest with my Genestealer Cult miniatures, I painted the Flower Knight with a lot of gloomy greys and blues, to get a much more subdued, shadowy environment, without going all the way to dramatic lighting effects on everything, but instead to facilitate them.

I tried to go with very heavily natural, off-white and green colors to emphasize the natural sensibilities of the model, almost like a sentient nature had come to inhabit the otherwise clean armor set. I think that the little bits blending the Flower Knight's vines and cape into the base really unified the piece.

A little more towards my standard lighting, my client also wanted me to paint Allison similarly to one of the first Kingdom Death models I ever painted: being one of the first, I hadn't really solidified my painting style, so again it's a departure from my current, lighting-dominated work with the line, if a return to an earlier style.

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