Tuesday, February 26, 2019

A Light at the End - Kingdom Death Nemeses, etc. Also, custom gear.

Starting off, the Twilight Witch is one of my biggest disappointments with Kingdom Death's 1.5 Kickstarter: I think it, and the non-pinup "Twilight Cloak" survivor model, could so easily have been included as part of the postgame mechanics/gear, with a more interesting survivor addition than the young and old survivors, neither of which are especially mechanically relevant.

I liked this old design so much that I actually made a gear card for it:

I felt it was fairly balanced conceptually, but I never figured out the requirements I'd attach to it: I'd leaned towards either a high/endeavor/table cost or some modification or challenge during the still-easy Watcher fight, but it ended up scrapped. So, if you want to play around with the concept, I'd love to hear what you come up with.

These next two are repetitions of my earlier work, and I always find it interesting how my repeat models vary with time and experience: the Gold Smoke Knight took me far less time than my first experiment, and the Watcher I think has a bit more punch than my earlier version of the same.

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