Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Hunting Party - Kingdom Death Great Game Hunter, Rawhide, Butcher

 These were a pretty fun mix of kitbashes and conversions.

The dude with the Butcher's cleaver is one of my favorite survivor conversions, since I felt like he got a lot more weight behind him than most feel like they have. The other two were done at my client's request, to more or less emulate existing conversions.

The Great Game Hunter was a fun model to work with. He was pretty clearly not the same sculpting style as most current KD pieces, and felt almost like working with another line. While that was a little strange, I preferred the inconsistency and a bit of a different style to what feels like an increasingly homogenous line, these days. I dunno if I'm being picky or ornery or it's just that the line is so much larger, but I find myself missing more variety in the aesthetic (the Scissor Knight has been the only recent mini that surprised me much at all... While I do like the sci-fi variants and TK detective well enough, they're somewhat divorced from the setting).

...Also, I'm not sure I'm ever going to stop being mildly grumpy about the Lantern Festival getting axed (or those damn scenarios that were supposed to come with the promo models... 5 years ago*).

Matching the above cleaver, I tried something a bit more stylized and saturated for this version of the Butcher. I think the speckled effect on his shoulders and axe came out particularly well.

* No, I'm not counting, but, yes, I looked it up. Would it have been that hard to finish one project and post some downloads before starting a huge second KS? Or, y'know, allocate some of those funds after you got them, to deal with it?

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