Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Blood for the Blood... umm, wrong game. - Gloomhaven unlocked class

Obviously, some spoilers on this converted class, since, well, I can't very well show the class without showing it.
The Inox Berserker, as with many Gloomhaven models, fell short of what I'd hoped for it. I'm nearly positive that I took a photo of my sculpting work, but can't seem to find that, so, for now, my sketch while I was working on figuring out how to fix it.

The biggest issues were the model's center and weight: the red and yellow sketch is traced off of the stock pose, while the magenta and blue one is what it should have looked like. Notably, the center line took a strange swerve on the stock pose: where she should have been resting all her weight on her left leg, instead, her hip was thrust out. The model's shoulders were also very high, so I felt like they needed to be dropped some. Then, the part that I felt was just bizarre was that the horns weren't centered on the model's head... and the weird hair thing just looked off.

Finally, the shoulders were really high, so I wanted to do what I could to make them look like they were dropped a bit.

So, I hacked this model up pretty thoroughly.

I felt the results weren't perfect, but I'm far happier with how she looks in this form. While I was at it, I also repositioned one of her axes to be holding it by the haft... The design looks like it's supposed to be the guard for putting some extra weight into a two-handed swing, but I decided that this would just add some variety, and give a little more sense of weight, since holding it near the top seemed like it would be tiring.

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