Monday, September 18, 2017

Wings of Shadow(?) - Nekima

The old metal Nekima is still a very impressive mini. She appropriately looks massive on the table with her huge wings and serious height, and I think just about every part of the old model fits a classic demon (or at least fantasy setting demon) look. She could have been a little beefier in demonstrating her complete lack of sublety, but Wyrd did give her some serious height and a fairly athletic build, so I can't complain much. (The horns are converted, but only because the kit was used and missing them, not because I felt they didn't fit.)

I went with a more natural/fleshy take on the equally-classic red & black demon color scheme, on some shiny black volcanic rock. As is often the case, my favorite bit of the model was getting to play around with the large surfaces of her wings, since it allowed me to get a bit more texture and personality into the model.

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