Monday, November 28, 2016

Money Ball - Guild Ball Union

My first foray into Guild Ball involved many hats.

This was a fun minimalist color scheme I got to play with, I think if I ever got back into Mordheim (possible, with rumors of a re-release) I'd end up painting my gangs like this.

One of my favorite things in games is when they don't take themselves overly seriously, or when their fans don't, either way. My client had me sculpting hats on all the guys who didn't have them, with it as their identifying Victorian street gang badge.

Rage is a favorite, as I've grown rather attached to good static poses- action poses take flare and technique, but don't have much subtlety, while most static ones end up looking bored or passive. It might be a little difficult to tell from the photo, but Rage has some underlighting as opposed to neutral, to exaggerate his position as leader/overseer.

Decimate was probably the most challenging to add a hat to, since, well, she already had one. This bit was actually my client's idea, though, and I thought it turned out pretty snazzy.

Also, animals in hats is a keeper.

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