Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Final Form - Kingdom Death Dragon King and People of the Stars late campaign

 Rounding out the Dragon King set...

This big guy was quite the project. I painted him to match the palate of the previous half of the set, and with some freehand designs to match the sensibilities of the Tyrant's ornamentation.

I don't often use a lot of purple, but I thought the stippling effect worked particularly well on him.

Year 15a
We fought another level 1 phoenix, this time with the ability to dash, and it's remarkable what a few years can do. The Phoenix only had one turn, and that was after we wrecked it after taking a single hit which we'd chosen to, having gotten it down to 2 health the prior turn. I think my current favorite survivor got in something like 4 crits- pushing to 3 luck is pretty exciting.

This was also around the time we realized we didn't care about innovating any more, since we already had, uh, most of them.

Year 16a
We then fought a level 2 Butcher in what's got to be a group best- we took 2 bleeding (one due to an ability we chose to use), 3 brain damage (for a net of +13 insanity), one unlucky blinded, and zero actual damage. So... yeah. That's far and away the best Butcher fight we've ever had, and it wasn't because we were lucky.

It didn't hurt that our newest favored survivor had the stars align so he became a tank of epic proportion- under the right gear which isn't hard to get, we pushed his evasion to +7, and he's decided he's immortal, meaning he soaks damage with insanity. And, on a stat scale of around 10, he's at 129 insanity.

This second slaughter in a row was a pretty good indication that we were kicking ass.

Year 17a
We  fought a phoenix, which was going fine all the way up until its first move would kill each of our survivors 2/5 of the time, and everyone except the person who needed someone else alive died, meaning the other person would die even if we won.

This was the first time we'd run across the move. In the spirit of Redux and Rewind, we went back a couple rolls (those would stand if it got to that point), and all surged and dashed in the most panicked fight we'd ever had- we dealt one more wound than we'd needed to, and, before it could blip us out of existence, we murderized it.

I think the whole fight took about 10 minutes of frantically planning the best activation order and rolling dice.

Then we had clinging mist, so stayed home.

Well, at least we learned we can surge and dash to take out a monster before it can even complete an action, if we need to.

Year 18-20a
We really didn't know what to do at this point, since the settlement was basically running smoothly, so decided to shoot for a set of Lantern armor in two years, and after using a harvest Ritual to recycle stuff, it looked like we'd be able to hit it with even a little luck.

We did some more basic fighting, and fought the Tyrant for the third time, before the finale (no spoilers, here!), and completed all but two pieces of a Lantern set, losing some resources or we'd have completed that, too, but at least we got some cool stuff from the dragon as compensation.

Year 21a
So... we figured out what we wanted for the final boss fight, then went out, slaughtered a level 2 lion

Year 22a
We got back home, and after re-randomizing, had the resources to get everything we wanted, got it, then didn't really know what to do with ourselves for the next few years.

Final thoughts
So, as this campaign is wrapping up, we're feeling a bit overprepared. We're hoping the Dragon's going to be a more interesting challenge than the rather lackluster Watcher. Fingers crossed that we win a hard fight!

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