Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Reduce, Reuse, Resurrect - Cleaning Up Cryx

With MkIII on the horizon, I'm working on getting my armies back together, starting with Cryx.

Like a lot of my minis, this set's been through a few iterations, with the above guy in traditional metallics and no altered pose, then getting a black and brown color scheme, before what I finally chose... and then added runes to.

While a bit small, I think Deneghra has held up remarkably well, over the years. I always kinda' felt bad with how cheesy her spells and feat are, but made up for it by restricting myself to her weird little theme list ;)

The mix of bone and metal were a large bit of what attracted me to Cryx, back when necromancy and steampunk was a relatively unusual design. A lot of what attracted me to Warmachine was the initial sense of improvisation, like the bits of bone with Cryx, Cygnar's new tech, and the Protectorate's use of smuggled parts.

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