Monday, April 11, 2016

One More Bloody Pair of Axes! - Kingdom Death Butcher

...Or is that One More Pair of Bloody Axes?

Either way, I've been painting a lot of berserkers with axes recently, and been having a grand old time with the archetype.

Unlike what I've been doing recently, this one's done in plain old metallics, which (unlike the axe thing) was a bit of a shift for me, tried to do a mix of glow and oxidation with matte paint, and still keep the metallic in the metal. (IDK what's up with the lanterns, they're a little neon compared to the actual model, think the pic was a little too dark when I took it and it messed with the hues.)

Oh, and I really went to town with the fresh blood, realized that if you really slop it on it gets that dark fresh look.

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