Monday, April 4, 2016

A Hunting Beast - Khador's Drago

Drago is, in my opinion, the best character warjack design there's been- I think late 1st edition was the peak of PP's miniature design, and Drago was one of the best of those.
He's got a sense of malice, and frankly a fun sense of attitude, in both the worn armor and the stance, and I've always thought that a good head angle can really push an otherwise basic pose, and in Drago's case, I think it pushed a good model to an even better one. I also thought he was one of the cooler sets of rules, that didn't fit into the much more common styles heavy warjack construction, where he has a pretty cool glass cannon approach for something that large.

I painted him in a traditional red to mark his connection to Vlad's household, which I'd also done in the dark red.

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