Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Bunmei Kaika - Asian-focused Lynch Crew

I think this is my favorite Lynch crew, having worked on three now.

My client asked for a Ten Thunders focus, which is something I hadn't really considered before. Lynch's skeleton got a color scheme heavily influenced by horror woodcuts (and the only time I've been actually happy with the skeleton model), while Lynch himself was based on the Western-infatuated Meiji Era's pseudo-military colors, with a purple vest linking him to Neverborn.

All the minis got gold eyes instead of the more standard purple, again going for an Asian supernatural look instead.

The left Beckoner basically got a stock treatment, while the right has a color scheme again reflecting a Meiji hybridization, with western garb but a (somewhat low culture) Japanese color scheme.

Graves is obviously still in progress, and probably the most standard of the set, though with his unarmed variant, since the plank didn't feel very appropriate.

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