Monday, December 8, 2014

...And This is Your Drug on Brains - Malifaux Lynch crew

So, with my first and second set of these guys, I did something more traditional, but with this, I feel like I've had enough practice with the minis that I could do something more out there.

I'm very happy with how the gold eyes came out against the blue, and did a variant on my Tara crew's inverted color theme on the Brilliance manifestation, which, while less dramatic, I think is more refined, besides starting to experiment with color.

Graves, from the last post, got some tats, which I think came out quite nicely.

The Depleted were probably closest of any of these to the stock look, with a bit of a glow over the heart and a similar effect to the Illuminated's Brilliance, but with a lot more black and no highlights.

Finally, the Hungering Darkness. Still not sure how I feel about this weird model, though I think the inverted look served it well, and I'm now wishing I'd done something more ambitious on my own copy...

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