Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Okay I admit it, I'm pretty sure haven't seen The Thin Man - Steampunk trio by Lead Adventure

I've been informed that the best reference around for a crime-solving duo and their dog is unfortunately from a movie I haven't seen (or at least don't remember). Rather than grab a random quote like a poser, I'll leave it as a simple acknowledgement that The Thin Man should be on my Netflix cue.

There's something about this style of mini that I find charming. I really enjoyed doing up this little set, and wanted to do justice to the period/style with some really vibrant colors, and added a little OSL from the flame.

The double goggle thing kind of irked me, but I decided that those were for when they wanted to wear stylish eyepieces (or if they just had poor vision) but didn't need to filter alternative London's poisonous air.
I try to do reviews of new mini lines I work with, especially if they're smaller companies.

The sculpts are nice, in that historical sensibility of many minis around the 25-28mm range. I like the minis quite a bit, and the mold lines were light and well-placed (along easily cleaned flat surfaces, not along textures or fiddly parts). The casting was particularly impressive, though- these were all single piece models, which meant some really severe undercuts at points. I tried to figure out how they were achieved, but couldn't.

Also, their dog model is now tied for my favorite miniature dog, along with Wyrd's zombie chihuahua.

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