Monday, November 25, 2013

Hey smoothskin, you need something? Drink maybe? Anything at all? - Post Apocalyptic arms dealers

This is the first time I've done a combined scenery and miniatures job.
The arms dealers were a pretty colorful bunch. Definitely my favorite is the middle guy, with his shades and casual pose, though all three are pretty classic black market poses. They all kinda' remind me of some of the exhibitors at comic cons I've been to and/or sold at.

Just like con exhibitors, they sell from a tiny little square that was haphazardly put together. Actually, I wish I had a post-apocalyptic shanty to sell from- I bet it would look pretty cool.

The textures were a lot of fun to work with, and Pardoulon's resin (sold through Lead Adventure, too) was very nice, if a touch thicker than I expected. It actually reminded me a lot of working with the old Armorcast terrain I used to buy back when I was just getting started. It turned out to be a bit more colorful than I intended, and I decided to attach the curtain with a rare earth magnet to be removable, because it looked too good on to not keep, but would also restrict the space a lot if it were permanent.

For those interested, the shanty actually comes with 3 long walls, a short one, and the curtain, which are all reversible with different textures- you could easily get a few and keep them looking unique for a little town, especially with different colors breaking up the surfaces.

The shanty also came with a short table (like cons) and a fair amount of post apocalyptic weaponry and oil drums (not like cons I've been to). They're very well suited as both wares and obstructions.

Since I happened to have a desert board I've been working on, this seemed like a good opportunity to set up a little scene.

(Also, no, that wasn't the most memorable Fallout 3 quote, but gimme a break, I've only played it through around 1 time)

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