Monday, August 12, 2013

Panzerbjorn! ...well, kinda'. Bear steeds for Chaos Warriors

Yeah, I know, not very appropriate, but the other option was the bear cav meme/motivational poster thing, which was even less of a reference.

First is my favorite, which was pretty hard to figure out because of how static the saddle was, in particular.

I think this one looks pretty badass, and is definitely a hero/champion's bear, in my opinion, where the bear is the focus. I think the twist gives enough of an opening to make it so the rider still has a lot of options for angles.

As a note, this is a more elaborate version of one of my most common conversions: I find that a huge portion of gaming minis just need a twist in the direction they're looking to move them from decent but static, to dynamic. (Obviously, I also changed a lot more on this one...)

It couldn't stand up without a base, and I thought it was more consistent for the other two to stand on the same one, at that point.

The other two were more subtle conversions, with one that's more of an exaggeration of the stock pose, and the third being on the subdued side: this choice was partially to vary up the poses (because everyone in an action pose looks over the top) and partially a practical thing, because big poses on all models in a unit make things a pain to position and tend to make 2 models always bumping into each other.

A very short little review
Normally I don't get to look at 3 different casts of identical models, so this was worth noting.

As with a lot of the more boutique-style resin companies that have been coming up late, Mierce's casting was very nice. Except for a deep mold line on the same piece on all 3 models, they were very good, and the really thin pieces all came out near-perfect, minus some predictable warping from resin's low tolerance for heat.

The sprues were pretty well thought out, and they weren't that hard to deal with; the only complaint I'd have is that it wasn't very clear how the back spikes were organized- some clearly fit, in specific holes, but there didn't seem to be a pattern to them.

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