Sunday, December 2, 2012

Wildly Inaccurate! Protectorate of Menoth Deliverers

The golden Protectorate army continues to grow.

As a fun game, try counting the instances in Warmachine fiction that feature deliverers and doesn't make a point of their rockets being "wildly inaccurate" or something closely paraphrased. (Answer at the bottom of the post.)

Part of my original attraction to the Protectorate, back in Warmachine: Prime (first printing ;) ), what drew me to the protectorate was the combination of clean, knightly stuff (Exemplars, most warcasters, Flameguard) in contrast with the rabble (Zealots and Deliverers, at the time).

While the Protectorate has shifted radically towards the shiny armor, with nearly none of the more irregular forces since the advent of second edition (the Vassal Mechanic is the only one I'd argue is part of this aesthetic), I was glad to paint this batch, and actually complete the irregulars I started back before I sold the army. (Yes, the Idrians kind of count, but I think of them as a different aesthetic of irregular.)

As a fun note, the unusual grunt in the bottom row is a second unit leader. My client got a second one, and, because I'm anal, I redid his shoulders and gave him a little bandanna and hat. I think he fits pretty well.

* Answer: 0. Yep, seriously. Also, I wish blogspot allowed me to write this upside-down, in classic fashion. And, yes, it is too much work to make a text image for this gag :P. 

Also, while I'm having a laugh about PP's writing, most writing involving Iron Fangs make all of that feminist "weapons as phallic" stuff ring true in ways I never thought possible (read: at all). All of that talk of shoving charges into breaches and reloading your spears... that explode when you pierce things. Yes, it's all there, and you don't need to look very closely.

Also, according to Warmachine: Wrath, Khadorans (or authors) also can't reliably count to 3, but that's neither here nor there, as it's neither consistent nor unintentionally sexual.

Moving on...

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