Monday, November 26, 2012

The Finish Line: Warhound titan, final

Normally, every post I make is at said line, but for this project, there's been a lot of communication and details, so this has been a multi-parter.

Another part of this is, since this is the biggest kit I've worked on, it's been fun to document it.

To continue a series of firsts, this is the first time I've had a large enough mini that, pulled back, a shot of my photo station. (If you're interested, please let me know, I can walk through how this is set up-- I feel it's some of the best for its price, and is notably better than your average DIY setup.)

A couple shots of the other weapons arms. While there's something nice to the sleeker designs of these guns, (as the photos show) I prefer the more sci-fi look of the plasma-flamer combo.

Some freehand details. I like how the eye lenses came out in the second image (though the nose looks a bit bright with the strong lighting).

A shot of the back, though it also highlights the coils on the plasma weapon, which I thought looked really nice.

As always, I like to save a favorite for last. To get a sense of scale, I used the only finished minis I had from the same era. The Warhound titan is my favorite of all the superheavies, because it dwarfs most regular minis but it's small enough that it still fits in the game (compared to larger models, which generally feel out of scale with both the minis and the board).

(Yes, those aren't Blood Angels down there. Those are part of the Astral Claws army I've been slowly building, which will appear here in the future.)

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