Thursday, December 13, 2012

Your Eyes Shine, Just Like Mine, Step Forward... - Infinity ALEPH

Anyone? Anyone? I thought that was a pretty clever reference... Well, on to the meat of the post.

The whites were definitely the hardest part of this set to figure out. I ended up doing some weird mixes I'd never tried before, in order to get a very warm white. I've done plenty of neutral, cool, or dirty whites, but this one required a warmer look.

Unfortunately, not only were the whites difficult to paint, they were incredibly difficult to photograph. Normally, it takes one or two sets of photos to get them looking right for this blog, but, aft a half-dozen attempts, this slightly yellow is the closest I've managed to get it.

Along with the white, the glowy bits, I feel, are the most notable elements of these paint jobs (which made me think of the post's inspired title). Because of how light the colors were, a low glow wasn't going to cut it for these, so I needed to push it to the point where the centers of many of the glowing points were pure white, which is something I'd like to try again. Actually, that and the white both, I think, will look good on some Malifaux Neverborn or GW Daemons that are somewhere down my personal painting queue.

(I just like these ones the best, nothing new to say about the painting...)

These were also the first minis I've painted with a grey undercoat. I felt it did some nice things for the black, but I'll need to experiment more before coming to conclusions on this new base color...

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