Thursday, November 8, 2012

13... again. Warhound WIP 4: freehand

 Yep, bit the bullet and decided another 13-cog gear was a bright move (eyeroll)...

These pictures were actually the first time I saw the mini completely together, and I'm quite happy with the mix of some of the old Rogue Trader feel, with a more muted palate and more contemporary painting techniques. I feel that the level of decoration and symbols is right on the edge, where more would make it feel busy, but it captures the Rogue Trader personalization/decoration nicely.

There's nothing that says Rogue Trader to me like designs on gun barrels and checkers and banners, except maybe weird 80's pencil drawings.

Other than the big carapace skull, I'm probably most happy with how these two bits of heraldry came out, especially as part of the whole, where they brighten up an otherwise drab color scheme.

After this, all that's left are the green bits, cleaning up, any last changes, and taking some nicer photos!

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