Monday, December 12, 2011

Eldar Commission

© GW/Black Library
Game: Inquisitor
Faction: n/a

Notes: While this is a bit of an older one (hence the lack of stellar photography), this was one of the more interesting commissions I've been assigned. The client liked some of my other conversion work, and wanted a specific feel to a model. He was looking for a model with the feel of the female Eldar on the right.

While I'd done as elaborate projects as this one, I'd never needed to do one as clean in form (particularly the armor) as this.

To cut down on work time (this the price of the commission), I based this on an old Inquisitor scale miniature. I dremeled down all of the armor and accessories, which wasn't terrible, as the model started with what was essentially an armored jump suit. However, the original model's torso was probably about 2/3 the length it should have been, proportional to the legs and arms, so, while the model could have just been a little short, to fit the amount of detail, I needed to build that from scratch.

The hardest parts of this mini were the torso and head (the bionic eye (or possibly sci-fi monocle?) had to go), unfortunately, both of which are sort of obscured by my old poor lighting.

My biggest areas of growth were the smooth sections of armor (I was particularly happy with the arms and legs) and the cloak which. While the cloak's colors are mottled from filing to smooth out the form, that won't be visible when the mini is primed, and I think that the shape nicely organic and dynamic.

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