Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cadwollans, part 2

What can I say? Rackham makes some great minis. I really like this second set (though not quite as eclectic as the last batch). I was going to point out my favorites, but I quickly realized that it would be faster listing the ones that weren't great to paint. There's a real weight and sense of place to their poses that I rarely see in other lines, and see in theirs almost every time. Most companies seem to be able to do a good action pose, but I'm a huge fan of Rackham's static and at-ease poses. It's a shame the company went under, but at least there's a decent used market and they're getting reproduced in resin now.

Also, if you haven't noticed an update schedule yet, it usually involves "I actually got a bit of time to photograph minis." I don't have a permanent photo studio/light box/anything like that, so I need to be able to commit a serious chunk of time to set up, meaning you'll see a few batches over a few days (until I get impatient and make a post).

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