Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Play it Again, Sam - Kingdom Death Watcher and Gorms

 Collecting a few minis I've been working on, for whatever reason, I've had a disproportionate number of clients asking me to repeat color schemes I've done before, for Kingdom Death. Either way, it's an interesting challenge since, well, it's an art, not a science.

The Gorm, above, had a slightly more dramatic rearing pose, and harsher light- I feel the position makes it almost have an underlit horror sensibility

 The watcher I painted was a bit more subtle and with harsher contrast between the light and dark spots. I thought I got the cast light looking particularly convincing here.
 This Gorm had a bit heavier saturation than either of my other two, with a warmer and brighter light- I think I got the purple here nicely saturated, too. The seam around its angler fish thingy is because my client had me magnetize it for transport.

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