Wednesday, October 12, 2016

From Ashes - Kingdom death Phoenix + Phoenix Surviviors

So, another take on a teal Phoenix, this one's more of a departure.

My client didn't like it quite so gross, so I didn't add the parasitical hands (just leaving the few that were part of the main components), and instead sculpted texture over them. He also didn't get his weird second-mouth moustache.

The paint job was one I'd been interested in trying on my own, but had decided to go with an external light source. Changing to an internal one is a little trickier and required a lighter midtone to really pull off the effect (dark midtones would have just made it basically black), but I think it worked out really well.

It took me a long time to get together some Phoenix survivors, mostly because I didn't know how to arm them. I gave up on the perfect builds, and went with the cool sword because it's cool, and a spear (for positioning flexibility with its special rules) and shield (again, meshing with the chest armor's rules).

The shield had a sort of lantern sigil on it, so it got a glow effect, while I was really happy with the sword effect, with a really bright blade and multicolored light coming off of it- it wasn't quite as crisp as I'd intended, but I still think it came across well, with the extreme hot spot.

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