Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Golden Ener-gyyyy - Kingdom Death Nemeses

 Another set playing with source lighting...

The King's man is my favorite in the set, mostly because I was worried I wouldn't get the effect- trying to do yellow lighting, that didn't look like a natural lantern yellow-orange, and didn't look muddy, was quite a challenge. I tried some new mixes, and think I got a very effective stark light.

The Butcher got a slightly different visor when his original one went missing. More than the others in this set, I felt a slightly more impressionistic approach to his lighting fit him well,so I did a few planes in a subtler midtone than some of the more dramatic contrast on some of the minis- I was going for something a little like how heavily rusted metal tends to diffuse light rather than reflecting it.
 The Hand was a pretty cool project, working on a pretty sombre light that I thought went well with his severe look. UNlike the others in this group, he has a bit more color, with a green cape, red clothes/cape interior, and straight OSL on the other bits.

On the Hand and Kind's Man, I thought that they'd look cleaner just standing on an empty field, matching the more sophisticated gear/fashion they had, instead of with the rougher faces on normal guys.

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