Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Time is Meaningless - Tara crew

So, I wasn't really happy with this crew, given that it was my favorite master but far from my favorite paint job. Having had it sit around for a while, I felt it was just a little plain, so it was time to start putting more paint down.

The nothing creatures saw a little orange around their extremeties- I'd always thought of them just on the edge of reality, where they were starting to bleed in while their core remained outside of reality proper.

The lighting, I think, taken the set from more of the "west" side of "weird west" to a much bleaker and darker "weird" side. I thought this particularly worked with Tara, who has much more undead in her paint job than she used to.

I've also been experimenting with a rougher, plaster style of base, that I think makes a better stone texture than my old work with spackle.

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