Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The End...? - Sedition Wars ALIENS homage pieces

I think I actually ran out of ALIENS one-liners to reference.

Barker's upgraded suit is a lot of fun, and probably the most ambitious, if not the most refined, model I've seen done in PVC. While a lady-type in the suit would have been more appropriate as a reference, there are already two of those, and Barker probably does make the most narrative sense.

Ripdley is a fun model that I really wish had been available in resin, since I felt the PVC translation lost a lot of detail.

Ramirez (Vasquez) is a very solid addition to the Vanguard line, that I think probably fits the best with the initial line, and has a very strong set of rules to back her up- a nice upgrade from the regular Reavers.

Their infected sculpts are kinda' sad, and much more evocative than the generic ones. It would've been nice to see a few Revenants or others similarly more obviously mutated from Samaritans.

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