Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Namu Ami Butsu Namu Ami Butsu... - Yan Lo crew, part 2

Going with a very loose Japanese Buddhist theme, here.

Yan Lo's staff is what's called a "sounding staff" most often carried by wandering Buddhist monks as a way to clear a path so they didn't harm anything they didn't see (those rings are jangly noise makers). Combined with the prayer beads, there's obviously a Buddhist influence in his aesthetic.

Since all his undead guys are more obviously Japanese, I went with a similarly Japanese style of Buddhist colors, with the green tying in with ressers and his undead banners.

The Soul Porter got a mix between Yan's coloration and that of his undead, plus a little sourcelighting off the lanterns to set the mood properly.

Chiaki repeated the Buddhist attire. Her jade mask (and a few jade ornaments elsewhere) are a nod to the ancient asian (mostly Chinese) belief that jade was a conduit for immortality, where jade jewelry (or, in the most extreme cases, making a jade replica suit to wear, including a face mask) would preserve your soul when buried.

Yin was a fun one, with the most interesting interaction with plants. The nuance of her organ coloration got a bit lost with the bloody effects, but I still think she carries across the gruesome look.

Kirai's doing duty as a Belle, with a little conversion. I'm very happy with how the design came out on her robes. A little brighter than I was intending, but I thought the effect was ultimately punchy.

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