Friday, February 20, 2015

The Muck and the Mire - Yan Lo crew, part 1

It's been a long, long time since I've played with swamp environmental effects like these, and it was pretty cool, coming back to it after a decade since I had my old Nurgle collection. (I feel old, now...)
My favorite Ashigaru is the one on the left, pushing through the dead plants- I felt that I got a strong sense of motion, there.

The swamp effect is a mix of kneadatite, house brushes, and filler, with a bit of gloss varnish for variation in dampness. These are all effects I've played with fairly recently, but the combination worked nicely, and some years' experience made the newer iteration a lot more natural and less finicky than it'd been.

Along with returning to the swamp, this was my first (successful) foray into weathering powders- they're an interesting beast, and I focused using them mostly on the bottom halves of the models, both to emphasize them coming through (and out of) the bog, and because I thought the focus on texture worked better on the less-prominent parts of the models (which got the painting focus).

I think the biggest exception as Izamu's shoulders, which would have naturally held on to a fair amount of muck, and was a nice, broad surface that could highlight the texture.

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