Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Super Ortega Bros. - Francisco and Niño

Yep, starting another crew...

Niño was never my favorite mini, but I think it took very little work to make him way nicer. First, his sniper rifle got a long barrel, as befits a rifle (instead of a gatling gun, as it used to resemble). Second, while I can't take credit for the concept, he was re-posed without being re-posed: instead of hopping around like a weirdo, he's now standing on an embankment, so he's leaning into the shot, rather than jumping... somehow. I really am not sure what Wyrd was going for, there. The crew came out before the game, so maybe he was originally not a sniper in concept?

Francisco is a stock mini, on the other hand. I'm not sure about his weird pistol (thinking he'll get a replacement from the Through the Breach minis), and his pose is a little flat, but I like his weight and character, and think that he has much more of a finesse/leading pose than the bizarre skulking weirdo that the new plastic one has. (He's one of the minis like the Guild Guards, where the new one has character and obviously technically superior posing and detailing, but it doesn't feel like it represents the same character as the old one).

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