Monday, May 26, 2014

The Japanese term is "Mono no Aware" - Gandalf

A bit of a nostalgia trip- the first competition piece I ever placed in.

When the Lord of the Rings game came out, the FLGS I gamed at (Endgame, in Oakland, when they were on Lakeshore, for those familiar with the area) held a little painting competition... back when GW actually supported their games and independent stores.

Endgame was still going strong, last time I checked, and I was never that much of a fan of the Lord of the Rings, which leaves GW's support. The post title roughly translates as "the ephemerality of things," describing, in this case, any sense of connection GW ever made with its fans. I've become pretty jaded about the gaming industry, and the Games Workshop decline is definitely a contributing factor.

Either way, Gandalf managed to get me a 2nd place, which meant something like a $5 gift card and a derpy still of Boromir from Fellowship. I felt pretty great about it, since the first place guy painted freelance for studios, and had no real business competing in that little store.

In the spirit of ephemerality, this model is leaving my collection as a gift, and as with all things, that bit of my life and this post are both coming to an end.

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