Friday, April 4, 2014

Posers! Nephilim re-poses

So, for an upcoming painting commission, I ended up doubling up on poses and my client wanted to avoid duplicates.

The above Mature Nephilim got a twist to the side, leaning in a bit, with his wing lowered to match the twist of his shoulder. With some blood spatter and a slight tilt to his base, this one will be a slightly quieter menace than the symmetrically posed standard sculpt.

These two got head and arm swaps, which led to further reposing.

The top one is now dashing, with the victim's spine trailing due to momentum rather than gravity.

The bottom one has a quieter pose, and will be getting a thoroughly bloody maw and right arm, dripping from a recent kill. Both of these two will probably need some pinning to keep them stable on their bases, after the conversions...

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