Monday, April 15, 2013

All is Dust... - Thousand Sons Army, part 5: Obliterators

These three are the most extensive conversions in the army. Like a lot of people, my client wasn't too excited with the derpy look of some of the regular obliterators, so I managed to cut and mangle a devastator squad and three terminators until they looked like the above.

I was largely playing with the look of the most recent metal Horrors and Flamers (possibly my favorite Daemon models ever) with a little chunkier look of the more recent plastic Daemons.

The middle guy is by far my favorite, but I still can't place why. I think it might be the angle of his head and power fist arm. I always like "scanning the battlefield" poses, so maybe that's it.

I thought the plasma and ripples in the "flesh" of the armor came out quite well.

Normally I'd have shot the minis before painting them too, but I knew exactly how I wanted them, and, in short, I knew they'd look kind of like terminators with blobs for arms ('cause that's what they looked like to me, and I was the one making them), so I decided to forego the "wow, I'm paying for lumps?" doubt and skip straight to the finished product.

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