Wednesday, April 10, 2013

All is Dust... - Thousand Sons Army, part 4: Terminators

Moving up in the ranks, Thousand Sons terminators...

I feel like I got the punch in the teal better in these ones, and was happy with the sorc conversion, thought it matched pretty well with the sensibility of the marine squads.

Those Scibor head dresses were a nightmare, though: I wouldn't recommend them for terminator conversions- the collar is far too small, meaning that you'll need to cut through some very brittle resin to make them fit. Furthermore, the other variant of the headdress looks really awkward, no matter how you try to attach them (too narrow or top-heavy, depending on which way you mount it), so you're wasting nearly half of any kit.

Note, the bases are also Scibor, and I thought they were quite nice... nothing against the company, just didn't like the egyptian bits for my purposes...

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