Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Your Move, Flynn! - TRON-inspired YuJing

The request to do a set of minis based on TRON's art style was a challenge I looked forward to.

Starting off with subtle shading and a strong focus on the glowing lines was, while faithful to the style, and likely to look good in all gloss, not the best translation to miniatures. The crisp edges, and a little more liberal shading quickly improved this.

The lovely blue-haired lady in the center of this set is my favorite, as I felt the shocking blue offset the orange really nicely. Too bad none of the others from this first batch had hair...

The form fitting armor and well-placed creases and seams made painting the orange a ton of fun. In comparison with my previous attempts to do orange glowing details (on Protectorate filigree), this stuff went on like a charm. This was partially the minis, and partially do to a mighty-generous donation of paints that allowed me to explore eyedropper/airbrush-style miniature paints.

These four scary fellows show off one of the things I most appreciate from Infinity's line: strong proportions and poses (though firing a weapon of that size one-handed does seem a little silly).

The most surprisingly difficult part of these minis was getting their bases smooth (which was pretty key to the reference: having a bunch of clean sci-fi paint jobs on gravel would have looked out of place). If anyone has any tips on this, I'd love to hear them.

These last four stand out to me as something special. Though they're not my favorite YuJing models, I really appreciated how well they incorporated heavy armor in to a set with primarily form-fitting armor.

Having painted these, I'm looking forward to the second half (Japanese Sectorial Army) of this commission, along with eventually(!) getting to my own ALEPH set...